FutureChina Global Forum

is the premier platform for sharing of analyses and experiences about new trends surrounding China’s Evolution.


  • testimonial

    Amb Stanley LOH Ambassador of the Republic of Singapore to the People’s Republic of China
    Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    It is an excellent platform for helping us to recognise the real China of today. The region wants to deepen its cooperation with China and likewise, China wants to enhance its cooperation with the region. A platform like Business China’s FutureChina Global Forum helps to facilitate this interaction and serves as a friendship bridge between the region and China.

  • testimonial

    Dr Fredrick CHIEN Fu Chairman
    Cathay Charity Foundation

    I am very honoured to be invited to speak at this forum. I think this forum is a very useful platform for Singapore and as a matter of fact, for all ASEAN countries, as well as other Asian countries to better understand China.

  • testimonial

    Dr WANG Huiyao Director General
    Center for China and Globalisation
    People's Republic of China

    This is a very high-level forum and great importance should be accorded to it. Due to China’s rapid growth, China’s interaction with ASEAN and the rest of the world is now a topic of key interest in the global arena.

    I think the forum is very meaningful as it brings together experts from different fields, including academia, to discuss pertinent issues. In addition, the forum also provides an excellent platform for networking opportunities.


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